Archer Wins National Title

A SportsAble member has been crowned national champion after winning the top title in the British Wheelchair Archery Championships.

Thirty-eight year old Tamas Gaspar, of Maidenhead, entered the prestigious competition as an unknown yet turned heads throughout the three-day competition by shooting 521 in the Men’s Open Recurve.

” I was in there against ‘the big boys’ of the sport'”, smiles the talented archer who felt the pressure of competing at historic Stoke Mandeville Stadium, home of the Paralympics. “It was hard, but I was determined and just did my best. I am so pleased with my results.”

Tamas, a Hungarian national who came to the UK several years ago, credits SportsAble for getting him back into the sport he once loved before an illness affected his spinal function.

“SportsAble has been wonderful to me and I can’ thank my coaches enough for their support and for pushing me to realise what I can do,” he say of coaching team, Gary and Kathy Critchlow-Smith.*

Fresh from his success at the British Wheelchair Archery Championships Tamas went on to compete in the Berkshire Championships where he came fourth overall – competing against all participants, disabled and non disabled.

Tamas is on a pathway towards competing at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games and is supported by SportsAble thanks to the generosity of Starboard Hotels.


*Level 3 coach Gary is a former GB sport team member and Kathy is a five-time Paralympic archer. Both now coach at SportsAble on a weekly basis. They are also part of the corporate events team, helping to deliver para sport to groups from businesses and organisations.