Social Media Training Workshop

26 April 2018

Mushroom Souffle Social Media is holding a Social Media Workshop at SportsAble and it costs just £10.

The session is open to anyone who wants to learn about social media and has been organised by the Women in Business Network.

Here is what Mushroom Souffle says about its training:

Our Social Media Training is designed to make your life easier, drastically increase your learning curve, saving you time, and making sure you are using your chosen social media networks to the highest standard that you can.

LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook

Is it painful trying to use any of them? You want to, but it seems to take so long whenever you login because you’re not sure exactly how they function?

It is VITAL to know exactly how to work your Social Media networks. It will save time and enable you to extract every ounce of opportunity from them by having total dexterity in operating them.

How can you create an effective strategy if you’re not sure of the full functionality they offer and what you can achieve with them?

We’ve got the solution, let’s find the best solution for you…

Please visit the Mushroom Souffle website for more information

Please email tobook a space.  

Event Location

Braywick Sports Ground,
Braywick Road,