Creative Therapies Group

SportsAble offers many more things besides sport and one of those exciting activities is art.

SportsAble’s creative section is a thriving weekly group that gather in the main hall. Novices and serious artists alike sit side by side and let inspiration take hold. Artists are able to paint whatever they choose, freehand or using a light box, for example, to guide them.

Section leader and group initiator Yash Airth says:

“Any form of creativity is cosmic: It soothes the mind, relaxes the body, expresses the soul. It’s said that some depressions are ­­due to lack of expression!

I make it my priority to put new artists at ease and am always happy to help but encouraging words can be found from any of our members. We don’t have a teacher or any one person who is an art expert – where creativity is concerned we’re all experts; art is very subjective.

I love pointing out that the great artists weren’t born with a brush in their hand! They didn’t obsess about the weight of the paper or the right brush, so don’t get caught up in the technical. If it looks good to you then it is fantastic because it’s your conception!

I’m a great believer that creative people be given the freedom to express their art, after all no one can teach or take away the basis of any artistic work – your imagination.

Our group is definitely all fun and cream cakes! Many of our members will say that the section is a wonderful place to create pieces of art using different mediums (which are provided) but that they also enjoy going along for the socialising.

So, after you’re done with all the amazing sports that the club offers, come n’ chill in the Art room and express your intuition – your very own inner teacher.

Get rid of your blues, be fearless, unleash your inner artist, come and have a go!”

On a serious note, Yash is most proud of creating an art group for people with disabilities when there was none in the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead. She is also proud of the art award which she recently gave to “my lovely volunteer Eileen Taylor, the most important person in the room who keeps our tea mugs full and brings quiet to an otherwise lively room as we munch on a sweet treat or two!”

SportsAble arranges for the section’s art to be exhibited for sale in the centre and places like the Maidenhead Town Hall.

Over the past two years six Christmas cards designed by SportsAble members have gone on sale in support of SportsAble. Each one is a winning design from the Creative Therapies Group’s Christmas Card Competition.