Students and Teachers Push for SportsAble

Staff and students at the Berkshire College of Agriculture got to experience a lesson of a different kind recently when they took part in SportsAble’s new pop-up challenge, the Roller Roadshow.

The fitness and fundraising activity – that is unique to SportsAble – challenges able bodied users to experience what it’s like to push a wheelchair at speed.

For a £1 a go, people can sit in the chair (that is locked safely into static rollers) and literally push themselves to see how fast, or how far, they can go.
The challenge becomes addictive and people try to improve their times on the leaderboard.

BCA is the latest group to actively accept the Roller Roadshow challenge with teacher Aaron O’Brien and his sports department leading the way by helping SportsAble’s staff organise, run and promote the event.

During breaks and lunchtimes groups of students took it in turns to have a go on the rollers, which were situated on the terrace of BCA’s mansion building overlooking the lawn.

Inspired by the story that Paralympian wheelchair racer David Weir has used these very rollers in a televised ‘push’ sketch on Channel 4’s The Last Leg everyone attempted to match his high scores of 12+mph with one student reaching just over 9mph.

Says Damian NG, one of SportsAble’s Sports Development Officers:

“We were made to feel really welcome at BCA and the way that everyone took to the challenge was impressive. There was a great teacher versus student rivalry on the day, with neither wanting the other ‘side’ to achieve the top score! It was a lot of fun.

“There’s also a serious side to this,” continues Damian.

“People get to experience firsthand what life might be like for someone in a wheelchair. They realise the challenges and struggles they face and instantly have a greater respect for disabled people. It’s a real eye-opener of an event and one that leaves a lasting impact.”

If you would like to get your school, company or organisation involved in a SportsAble Roller Roadshow please write to or call us on 01628 627 690.


The SportsAble Roller Roadshow
A unique challenge that gets everyone involved
Perfect for a half day or lunchtime team building activity
Great for raising awareness of disability
Prizes and PR awarded to participants!