Arthur Swain


It is with shock and sadness that we inform you of the passing of Arthur Swain.

68-year-old Arthur, from High Wycombe, passed away at home from a suspected heart attack earlier this week.

Those of you who participate in sport during the week may not know who Arthur but he was an integral part of the SportsAble volunteer team, taking care of the building at the weekends – a position he held with pride and unwavering dedication for over a decade.

Arthur joined SportsAble as a volunteer member over twenty years ago and soon made lots of friends. Over time he became the unofficial custodian of the centre, opening-up quite often at 7am on Saturday and Sunday mornings so that hirers could get in early to start their classes and party preparations and so that members would have a warm centre to come to when it was time for their sport. He often didn’t leave until 8pm at night, checking everything from the ice machine to each and every lightbulb.

Arthur did volunteer jobs that no one else wanted to do: lots of kitchen cleaning, roof mending, equipment fixing, and he used his expertise as a qualified electrician to insert appliances, repair systems, lay cabling and ensure that our building was up to code.

Arthur knew everyone by name and always, always took the time to talk to members. Arthur was also particularly helpful with the archery section on a Saturday morning, assisting people with getting in and out of their cars and carrying their bows. He also made a mean cup of tea and many enjoyed a chat with him at the weekend over a strong brew. No one more so than Trevor Montague.

Arthur was Trevor’s righthand man. Whenever he needed help with painting or a diy project his first call was Arthur. Together as weekend volunteers they worked hard but it was always with laughter, lots of teasing and jesting.

On a serious note, Arthur went above and beyond when volunteering for SportsAble and the local community. Each year, without fail, he would donate his Christmas day to Churches Together and represent SportsAble as the charity gave the use of its building for the day to the organisation who cook and host a Christmas lunch for the area’s homeless and isolated people. The event is well known throughout the area and is often attended by Prime Minister Theresa May and her husband Philip.

Arthur will be known and remembered for his dedication to SportsAble and especially for his famous attire! Underneath his workman’s blue boiler suit (which he wore religiously) was a smart pair of trousers and crisply ironed shirt.

He was a real character and will be missed.