SportsAble Impact Report 2018

This impact report demonstrates how SportsAble provides a valuable service to people across Berkshire and beyond, promoting and delivering the many benefits of an active lifestyle to people with a disability.

To highlight how the charity is supporting both local and national government on the delivery of its sports strategy and to showcase the positive impact the organisation has on individuals and the wider community, SportsAble has compiled an inaugural Impact Report. Moving forwards the report will be produced annually, to provide a running commentary of the charity’s valuable contribution to an active, healthy community.

Here are some of the report highlights.

  • SportsAble enhances physical, mental and social in the vast majority of case (96 per cent)
  • If SportsAble did not exist, over 40 per cent of members would be completely inactive
  • In 68 per cent of cases, involvement with SportsAble has led to the development of friendship groups, helping to combat loneliness experienced by many people with a disability
  • In more than half of the cases (51 per cent), SportsAble has enabled members to look towards the future with positivity
  • Average term of membership is 5 years (compared to an average mainstream gym membership of just 10.9 months)
  • 26 per cent of the membership has been a paying member for more than a decade
  • A quarter of the membership travels 10 miles or more to use the facilities despite the fact that 67 per cent of members are reliant on others to transport them toand from the Club
  • 40 per cent of the membership is aged 60 or over

As part of the report, 100 SportsAble Club members who suffer from a sensorial or physical impairment, were surveyed to assess the impact the charity has their lives.

To find out how you could get involve with the charity call us on: 01628 627690.

Please feel free to reference any of the statistics included.  All we ask is that you include a source reference (SportsAble: 2018 Impact Report)