Step inside the doors of SportsAble and you will hear countless stories about how the Charity has transformed the lives of children and adults living with physical and sensory disabilities and physical ailments. it does this by providing individuals with a unique environment which has been created exclusively to meet their needs.

Incredibly, 83% of people living with a disability were not born with it, they gained it either through a life-changing illness or accident. The most common age for life-changing accidents is 18-35, while those people over the age of 35 are more likely to acquire it through a life-changing illness.

Whether someone is born with it, or acquired it, facing the reality that life will never be the same again can be very traumatic and leave them, and their friends and family, feeling frightened about the future. If left alone, this can lead to hopelessness, depression and isolation. In fact, half of disabled people claim they suffer from loneliness.

At SportsAble, we don’t think this should be the case. It was this belief that led a group of passionate individuals to form a club specifically for disabled people to get together, have fun, play sport and support each other. This vision became a reality in 1975. John Jenkins, one of the founder members, remains our President today.

Inside SportsAble, members are encouraged to focus on what they ‘can do’ rather than what they can’t. Some speak of the relief of being part of a Club where disability is normal. This environment builds confidence, self-esteem and provides the springboard for individuals to launch into a fulfilling life with hope for the future. It is life-changing.

We love to tell these stories because other people hear them and believe that they too can live life to the full and achieve things they never thought possible.

We think these stories are important ones tell and we want to keep writing them. We are asking for your help by making a donation to SportsAble.

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