One Ton Challenge


WHAT IS IT? Your challenge, as a member or supporter, to raise just

£100 in 100 days

HOW? The only limitation is your creativity and we would love to hear how you do it!

Here are some of our ideas:

Charge £10 to wash and hoover a car – 10 cars = £100

Charge £10 to mow the lawn – 10 lawns = £10

Charge £10 to walk a dog for one hour – 10 dogs = £100

Or maybe you could run a sponsored sports challenge, cake sale or car boot sale.

WHEN?  Anytime – but set yourself the 100 day goal to stay focused! 

WHO? Anyone can do this – team up with other people to make it easier if you like! 

SportsAble has just launched the One Ton Challenge to boys at Desborough College in Maidenhead so we are super excited to see what creative fundraising ideas they come up with!

If you want to take the challenge, email or Let us know when you are starting your One Ton Challenge and send us a picture. We can then share your fundraising idea with everyone.

Ben Harris and Emma Shepherd with Natalie McFarlane from Desborough College.

Event Location

Braywick Sports Ground,
Braywick Road,