Ben Harris

SportsAble is different to other clubs it is a multisports club that includes everybody. The staff and volunteers offer support and advice and they have an understanding of my disability and everyone else’s.

I really enjoy wheelchair basketball – this is why I came to SportsAble. The coaching is excellent and the supply of the equipment has been key to my joining as I would not have been able for afford it otherwise.

Joining SportsAble has been the most amazing thing that has happened to me in the last five years since becoming disabled. The open arms that welcomed me into the SportsAble family; the fun; the fitness; the support and the new friends I have made are something you can’t place a value on.

I understand disability (and my own) but SportsAble has helped me to accept my disability. I have been a keen rugby player all my life and linked to a few clubs. The problem is I cannot play anymore, so SportsAble has helped me to learn new sports and change my complete outlook on life.

The change in my personal life with my wife and child has become stronger as I’m now out and about doing things with SportsAble. I don’t sit at home anymore – I’m active in supporting a charity that has supported me so far into my disabled life. I could have easily slipped deeper into a depressive life.

SportsAble is a true inspiration to anyone looking at getting into disability sports and a friendly club life. I would say to anyone looking at joining us: “Don’t hold back. Come and have a go and experience the life I now have – enjoying new friends and sports.”

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