Keith and Louise

Husband and wife volunteer team Louise and Keith are such an asset to SportsAble. They joined several years ago when Louise, who has cystic fibrosis, was looking to get involved and help others.

Louise started assisting our shooters in the Air Weapons section and then realised that she could become a full sports member herself and start enjoying sport as well as volunteering.

When a person joins SportsAble their family members can join also and Keith is now a member too. It’s great to be able to do something as a family or as a couple on a level that suits the disabled person.

Over the years Louise and Keith have become more involved in lots of different sports and they always approach tasks with positivity and enthusiasm. Nothing is too much trouble and they are always looking out for what they can do over and above the norm.

Keith is now training to be a Level 1 Wheelchair Basketball coach and he runs the Monday night fun sessions, which have expanded due to him. The energy Keith brings to sessions is incredible and he has good leadership qualities and due to being an engineer and an inventor whenever there’s a problem he has a solution.

Louise helps out in the Wheelchair Basketball section and also trains with the team on Thursdays. In her recent game she shone with confidence.

As well as helping out in sports sections – they are always down at the swimming pool on a Sunday night, helping others learn how to swim – Keith and Louise are keen fundraisers. They are always looking at ways of raising money for us.

People like Keith and Louise touch a lot of lives in the club. They will take time out to go and visit people in hospital or drop them a little note and if they see someone on their own they will help them find a social circle. They are very special people.

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