Rebecca Gale

I joined SportsAble in 1992 after having done archery at school. A SportsAble archery coach saw me at a competition and invited me down to the club. As soon as I saw the club and its facilities, and met the wonderful coaches and volunteers, I was hooked.

With SportsAble’s help I soon developed a real talent for archery and in 1995 I was seriously training for selection for the 1996 Atlanta Games. I was training every day – at home and at SportsAble. I also had to do a lot of fitness and psychological training to prepare me for the tough competition that I was going to face.

SportsAble helped me to perfect my archery skills and being a member of such a great club helped improve not just my sporting abilities but my confidence and social skills as well.

Why did I become a Paralympian? I suppose it was to prove a point that disabled people can achieve anything that they want to – with a little bit of extra hard work. Depending on your disability you have certain things to overcome. I also wanted to make my mark on the world and I think that I did!

Being at the Paralympic Games in Atlanta was fantastic. I’ll never forget it. I met tons of interesting people and got to travel and represent my country in my favourite sport. I was thrilled when we won Team Bronze.

To future Paralympians I say GO FOR IT! Work hard, every second counts, seize the day and fulfil your dreams.

SportsAble opened up so many opportunities to me over the years and I’d like to say that winning the bronze medal is the greatest thing that I have from my years at the club but it is the friends that I have made who are more important.

I’m so glad that I joined SportsAble and am still proud to be an active member today.

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