Tamas Gaspar

Tamas Gaspar has just won is first international Gold medal at the 6th Fazza Para Archery World Ranking tournament in Dubai last weekend (FEb 16-22). He beat Jean Pierre Antonios from Finland and Naci Yenier from Turkey to take the top spot in the Men’s W1 (rrec/comp).

Well done Tamas.

Tamas’ Story

As a full-time engineer, Tamas was fit and healthy, but in 2010 he noticed numbness in his right leg.

When the medical profession diagnosed the severe spinal Myelitis, Tamas became paralysed just below his chest and hospitalised for 9 months and needed to use a wheelchair.

During his time in hospital he met a SportsAble member who encouraged him to get active. On leaving hospital, Tamas joined the Club and immediately enjoyed Wheelchair Basketball, Archery, Swimming and Air Weapons. It enabled him to get active and sociable after years of being isolated and inactive in hospital. This improved both his physical and mental health.

Today Tamas is training hard and dreams of securing a place in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics.

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