Tia Ruel

Tia loves taking part in team sports and playing her chosen sport, Boccia, as an award-winning individual. Before focusing on Boccia (she is now on the Boccia England Squad) she was training to be a world champion in distance club throwing, something that takes a great deal of practice, focus and strength.

Tia’s cerebral palsy affects her speech, as well as all four limbs, and before becoming a SportsAble member she was incredibly shy and suffered from a lack of confidence. Now she finds it easy to talk to her SportsAble friends of all ages and she is even training to be a boccia referee. It’s amazing to see how far she has come.

Years ago, as the only wheelchair user in her mainstream primary Tia wasn’t always this happy. She was often unable to fully take part in play-times and PE lessons and that element of fun and achievement was always missing from her life. Luckily a friend recommended SportsAble and she has never looked back.

“I’m so glad that we joined SportsAble,” says her mother Melissa. “Not only has Tia excelled in sport but she enjoys life so much more now. She has found something that she can do and for the first time she is setting herself goals and focusing on the future. So many opportunities have been opened up to Tia – and to us all – since joining SportsAble. We’ve all made such good friends and discovered a love of sport together. SportsAble has given us so much.”

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