NHS Foundation Enjoy SportsAble Team Building

SportsAble loves opening its doors to organisations in the local community and demonstrating how the charity transforms peoples’ lives through sport.

We recently had a visit from the Mobility Service team at Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust. The team came to SportsAble to enjoy an afternoon taster session of Wheelchair Basketball organised by Niall McCaffrey, Sports Manager, and Damian Ng, Sports Development Officer.

As well as enjoying themselves, the afternoon taster session provided the team with valuable insight into SportsAble and the sports sessions it delivers to children and adults with physical disabilities and sensorial impairments.

Niall McCaffrey, Sports Manager said: “It is important that we continue to raise the profile of SportsAble and engage with community groups to ensure the right people are getting access to the right sport and physical activity. Loneliness and isolation are two of the biggest issues that our members face before joining SportsAble because they don’t believe there is a Club like ours that they can join. Working collaboratively with NHS Foundations will help us to reach more people.”

If you would like to find out more about SportsAble email us info@sportsable.co.uk.