Penny Froud Wins Gold at National Championship

A huge congratulations to Penny Froude who is now the BC4 National Boccia Champion 2019, winning gold at this year’s BE Cup Finals held at the EIS-Sheffield. It is the biggest event in the Boccia England calendar.

The competition offered some nail biting moments with Penny’s final match going to a tie-break against a higher-ranked athlete who she hadn’t beaten in three years.  Penny played consistently well throughout the tournament winning all of her matches. It is also the second time she has won gold, previously winning the championship in 2016.

Penny says, “I have worked SO hard to up my game this year. I’ve hit the gym hard, engaged with physio and hydro, and increased my on court training times/sessions and it has really paid off. I have also worked really hard on improving my mindset (which has probably been the hardest thing to overcome and achieve). People who know me will know I NEVER say this about myself, but I am really proud of myself.

“Everyday I wake up in pain because of my condition, but I push through. I still drag myself to the gym, throw hundreds of balls in a training session, push myself to be positive, cope with ‘brain fog’ from medication and sickness from my chemo drug. I have to ‘re-locate’ my joints daily, usually after a training session. Yesterday I had to do this a record 7 times during matches. I just plodded on regardless.

“I do this because I love Boccia and I love how it has changed my life completely. It has opened doors for me and given me some wonderful opportunities. I have met and continue to meet some truly wonderful and remarkable people in the Boccia community. I am so grateful for this.

Next stop is Northern Ireland where Penny has qualified for a place in the UK Championships next month.

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