Air Weapons


The results are in for the 2018/2019 Essex Winter Shooting league and we are incredibly proud to see so many from the SportsAble Air Weapons Team achieving podium performances during the winter season.

  • Jackie Witt: 2nd in Division 1
  • Ron Ottaway 1st in Divison 4
  • Helen Legg 1st in Division 1 (SH2 Class)
  • Lisa McCarthy 1st in Division 4 (SH2 Class)
  • Ben Kuschel 2nd in Division 4 (SH2 Class)

Congratulations to all of our SportsAble members who have taken part in the league this season.

If you have never tried Air Weapons and would like to give it a try, please get in touch to arrange a free taster session by emailing

SportsAble Air Weapons for Disabled People Inclusive

SportsAble Air Weapons for Disabled People Inclusive


Lots of keen shooters take part each week in the air weapons section using both pellet firing rifles or pistols. The section boasts world champions and novice members alike and it is possible that once you’ve tried the sport you will become hooked.

Air weapons takes place in the main hall at SportsAble where we have world-class facilities to ensure that each week the shooters are practising and improving and preparing for competitions.

SportsAble has a superb 10m indoor rifle range that is fully equipped with targets, target changers, special lighting and everything that you need to enjoy this compelling sport.

SportsAble is also proud to offer two shooting ranges for visually impaired people. Assistance is given through this audio device and also from our regular volunteers.

Novices are always welcome – and they will soon pick up the basics and get support from others – and in a few short years they can go on to great things, such as representing the country on the international scene.

Learning the sport in her early teens at SportsAble is the now world champion gold medallist Georgina Callingham. Georgie recently equalled the world record of shooting a ‘perfect 600’ shooting as an individual within the GB team in category R5 at 10 m using a rifle, prone, in the SH2 mixed category. She represented Team GB at the London 2012 Paralympic Games.

Another recent success is Jim Conway who won gold in the Veterans International Competition and Rob Lowe, a profoundly hearing impaired marksman represented Great Britain at the Deaflympics in Sofia in 2013.

There is a huge range of achievements at county level as well. This includes Bhawesh Patel who won every round in his first ever competition in the Middlesex Postal Shoot. Bhawesh joined SportsAble several years ago following rehabilitation from a serious car accident which left him with impaired mobility and communication difficulties.

Our coaches and volunteers work hard to ensure our members enjoy shooting as they help them to achieve their potential. And the sport isn’t as scary as it sounds – all you need is a bit of motivation and to the patience to learn the technical knowledge and you’ll soon learn to love shooting and have fun.

Proof that learning a new sport can benefit other areas of one’s life and help newly disabled people cope with their lives and learn to be confident again is to be found within the Air Weapons section.

After being motivated to try the sport one man found that he learned to concentrate again and that this renewed skill improved other areas of his life such as playing the clarinet and the saxophone! Another young lady, who had been disabled for less than a year, found that she excelled at blind shooting and showed tremendous spirit and determination.


SportsAble's Air Weapons Athlete