SportsAble member Tamas Gaspar recently won the national title at the British Wheelchair Archery Championships. Tamas, has been identified as a potential for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.


Ask John Greaves, Archery Section Coach at SportsAble, what he is most proud of and he will say it is the fact that everyone at SportsAble supports each other in the enjoyment of sport.

He is also proud of the fact that archery was one of the first sports offered at SportsAble when it was founded, and that the section is still going strong today.

Archery is a powerful, addictive and dignified sport that helps people develop and hone such skills as balance, focus, patience, competitiveness and hand-eye-coordination. There are few other places where wheelchair athletes and able bodied athletes are on such an even competitive level.

Archery takes dedication and a great deal of etiquette and understanding of the sport to get the best out of it but luckily there are always trained coaches, plus volunteers, to help new archers on their way at every session.

As with all SportsAble sports, the coaches teach beginners up to international standard and archers from the section have proudly competed in the last five Paralympic Games. Quite an achievement.

SportsAble’s archers and the facilities here at the clubhouse – for both inside and outside shooting – are well respected locally and nationally and many other clubs use the venue for their training. The archery section often hosts shooting competitions and goes away to ‘open shoots’, regularly bringing back medals.

Although archery is a serious sport that requires reasonable amounts of strength, control and maturity, SportsAble are proud to offer coaching to children who want to try something different. There is also a fun side to archery, such as the ‘fun shoots’ that are held during seasonal celebrations.

John’s message to all out there who are thinking of giving disability archery a go is: “Come and try it! It’s good fun, exercise and addictive!!”