Ten Pin Bowling

Disabled members and non disabled members join together once a month for a few hours of serious Ten Pin Bowling. Many have their own shoes and balls but this is not necessary for all as Wokingham Superbowl has everything that you need. All you need to bring is a sense of fun, team spirit and lots of energy and enthusiasm.

Wheelchair users or those with impaired mobility are offered plenty of support and guidance and often end up bowling better than they thought possible due to the encouragement given and the focus on competition and achieving high scores. Friendly competition is at its best here where there’s lots of fun and laughs but everyone wants to win and therefore everyone improves with shot and month after month!

The beauty of ten pin bowling with SportsAble is that no experience is necessary and anyone can join in and learn as they go. Plus, SportsAble provides adapted equipment such as bowling balls with handles.

The gang of regulars are a fun and very supportive bunch who will make you feel extremely welcome and give you all the help that you need. Go along as an individual or take a friend or family member who can join in as well as long as they are SportsAble members.

A reduced rate is offered to SportsAble members due to the team playing in a league. Refreshments are available at Wokingham Superbowl and everyone takes turns in buying a round. Another seriously fun sports and social opportunity for members of SportsAble.