SportsAble has partnered up with British Canoeing to deliver PaddleAbility sessions to members on Taplow Lake.

Thanks to the super team at Engage Watersports, SportsAble members enjoy weekly sessions on the water in canoes and kayaks during the summer months. Each lesson comprises a gentle lesson in the basics followed by fun games.

All equipment is provided by Engage Watersports and full instruction is given to those who are new the sport. So far people of all ages and abilities have taken to the water like naturals, enjoying the freedom that being on the water gives. They have all learnt the basics quickly and are developing in skills and strength. As with all sports at SportsAble, if there is space, then family members can take part in the sport as well. So far, partners, siblings, carers and friends have experienced the joy of canoeing and kayaking alongside SportsAble athletes.

The Watersports section has grown to more than 29 members and more are being encouraged to take up this wonderful opportunity to go out on the water and learn a new skill.

If you have any questions please contact Niall McCaffrey in the SportsAble office on 01628 627 690 or email niall.mccaffrey@sportsable.co.uk.