We are delighted to announce that Kayaking is back for the Summer of 2019.  It will start on June 4th (2019) at Taplow Lake and commence every Tuesday. There will be two sessions: 3pm – 4:30pm and 4:30pm to 6pm.

All these sessions are open to all age groups and abilities, if you have not joined us before Chris Humphries will be down the club in the bar on Thursday 30th May from 4pm until 7pm if you want to come down and find out more about how it works and if it will suit you.

Further dates and locations will be announced as and when they are decided. We hope to be able to announce the dates and locations for some river trips on the Thames at sometime.

If you are interested in coming please could you email me at chris.humphris@sportsable.co.uk letting me know if you can do the first session, second session or either. We have 16 places in each session and priority will go to disabled members.

I am also looking for volunteers to help with meet and greet, registration, helping with lifejackets, helping people into craft and possible accompanying people on the water if required. If there is space available I will get volunteers on the water as well. Please Email me if you can volunteer. No experience necessary.

Thanks to the super team at Engage Watersports who partner with us. Engage Water Sports have a range of craft from sit in kayaks, sit on kayaks and 2 person canoes with back support, each session will be led by two qualified instructors. Sessions will include some instruction, group paddling and a game at the end.

All equipment is provided by Engage Watersports and full instruction is given to those who are new the sport. So far people of all ages and abilities have taken to the water like naturals, enjoying the freedom that being on the water gives. They have all learnt the basics quickly and are developing in skills and strength. As with all sports at SportsAble, if there is space, then family members can take part in the sport as well. So far, partners, siblings, carers and friends have experienced the joy of canoeing and kayaking alongside SportsAble athletes.

Taplow Lake has a launch slope so that you can get in a craft on the dry land and be gently slid into the water, which overcomes the fear many people have of getting into a boat that is unstable. This is particularly suitable for wheelchair users and those with reduced mobility.

Clothing – You are likely to get a wet backside in a kayak, and there is a chance you could fall in and get soaked so come prepared. If it is sunny consider a hat and dark glasses, the sun bounces off the water and can be blinding. I would suggest shorts and a short/long sleeved top. Engage have some anoraks if it is raining (no we don’t stop for rain – only lightning!) Also remember sun cream for the face, bare arms and LEGS – especially if you are in a sit-on.

Shoes – You need to wear a  shoes of some type that are OK to get wet as the lake bottom may have sharp rocks and stones. Flip flops are no good as they offer little protection.

Changing – there are changing rooms, but not very wheelchair friendly. I suggest coming already changed and then go home in the same clothes just putting a towel on the car seat.

Energy – kayaking is tiring and uses calories so you may want to bring an energy bar or two for afterwards.

Feedback – these first few weeks are experimental, especially for those who are new this year. I will allocate craft as I think suits, but please let me know if you want to be more or less adventurous, enjoying being on the water is what counts.

If you have any questions please contact Chris Humphris  on 01628 627 690 or email sportsdevelopmentofficers@sportsable.co.uk.