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Welcome to the SportsAble Blog – an exciting new blog containing stories and opinions on disability sport. Members, Patrons, Trustees and Staff will all be contributing over the forthcoming months so stay tuned for uplifting stories, thought-provoking articles and ways in which you can get involved.

Our third entry is from SportsAble’s CEO, Kerl Haslam, who talks about something really important – and we need your help.


Could you spare just three seconds to make a life changing difference to our charity? Of course the answer is yes so let’s go!
And all we need is that 3 seconds of your time today, tomorrow, and every day until 16th March.
What do you have to do? Just go to:
 and VOTE FOR SportsAble!
After decades of national, international and Paralympic endeavour this is the easiest competition we’ve ever entered in to! And we can win it with your help as the more votes we get the more we stand a chance of claiming the top prize of £200,000.
SportsAble beat thousands of other organisations to be THE ONLY SPORTS CLUB in Berkshire to make it into the top 30 of the Persimmon Homes’ Healthy Communities competition. 
In its second consecutive year, the national competition gives cash prizes in celebration and support of amateur sports club like ours who help people of all ages and abilities to join in and get active.
This is a great honour and an opportunity that we are seizing with both hands. Staff, trustees, directors, members, supporters, local businesses, media and people across Berkshire are behind us and they are voting every day.
Will you?
£200,000 is a phenomenal amount of money that would bring dramatic and lasting change to our charity. It is just over half of what we need to survive each year and with donations down and needs rising we are – more than ever – relying on opportunities like this to help us support disabled people and their families.
What would £200,000 help us to source for our members? The list is endless, but to give you an idea of what some things cost:
10 Performance Wheelchair Basketball Wheelchairs @£5.000 each  =  £50,000
2 Performance Air Rifles @ £3,000 each = £6,000
3 Performance Boccia Sets @ £400 Each = £1,200
We provide adapted, specialist and bespoke equipment in 15 different sports at no extra cost to our members and through us they experience such freedom, fun and joy at being able to participate and achieve in something on a regular basis in a welcoming and friendly, supportive environment.
Sport and regular activity helps us all – and particularly disabled people – to escape a world of loneliness, pain and boredom and helps them to set goals, make friends, feel fitter and feel like they are contributing something. The transformation many of our members make with our help and support is remarkable. As one member, Ruth, said recently after a Wheelchair Basketball game:
“Wouldn’t want to be on any different team, you’re all wonderful! We all fight different battles physically and mentally on a scale of severity but we come together as a team and support each other no matter what. We’re stronger than we realise.
Well Done for today Rockets, love you all #SportsAble #SportsAbleRockets #wesmashedit #livingeverymoment”
So will you help us to help people like Ruth and the Rockets continue to enjoy life through sport? You know what you have to do and we thank you for it.
VOTE FOR SportsAble: