SportsAble Twirlers Dance to Victory

SportsAble Twirlers Wheelchair Dance section medals

SportsAble Twirlers Wheelchair Dance section medals

The ‘SportsAble Twirlers’ danced their way to victory in the ParaDance Sport UK National Championships which took place in Bristol at the weekend (June 22/23).

Every single athlete came home with at least one medal which was a fantastic result for the dance squad. Ten SportsAble members competed at the weekend: Jen Brown, Jacki Witt, Lynne Barber, David Hill, Lorraine Pickering and Harley (the dog), Nicole, Sukhninder Gidda, Clare and Griffin (another dog), Peta and Jennie Bouron who is the Twirler’s Qualified Inclusive Dance Instructor. (Pictured from Left to right in the image)

Only formed 18 months ago, with a small core of 6 members, SportsAble Twirlers has grown to 20+ members, 10 of whom were competing this weekend. It is the 3rd time the Twirlers have participated in the National Para Dance Sport Competition. The whole group has worked incredibly hard and for last 6 weeks, given time for extra rehearsals, to be competition ready.

The full Results:-

Duo Traditional dances
1- bronze medal
1 -5th place
1-6th place

Single Freestyle
1 silver medal

Duo Freestyle
1 Gold medal
1 Silver medal
1 4th place

Combi freestyle
1 silver medal

Group dance (Small)
-1 4th place

Group Dance. (large)
1 bronze medal

Jennie, the group’s dance instructor said: “As a qualified Inclusive Dance Instructor Teacher (IDT), I am beyond proud of ALL the Twirlers, not just those who competed, but of all #Twirlers members. Twirlers have a very strong supportive team spirit, are very caring, committed and love working together!

“I would like to say a final huge THANK YOU to a team of volunteers and helpers who helped out enormously this weekend; Paul Forster, for his expert driving: Paul, Nicole, Anita, Neil and David Brown. They have all been on hand to help with anything and everything that I needed doing: gluing, sticking, cutting, costume changes, coffee runs, lunch runs, pumping up tyres, videoing, photos, loading and unloading the minibus, fetching and carrying, dog walking and keeping of us amused, laughing and under control!

If you would like to try the Twirlers for yourself, the team warmly welcome new members. The team meet Thursdays from 4-6pm. Please contact email the Sports Team at They will introduce you to Jennie and she will book you into a FREE taster session.

The team is repeating their fantastic performances at SportsAble on

**Friday 12th July, 7.30pm **

In our own Show called

‘ What a Song and Dance!’