The Emotional Journey through Life-Changing Illness or Accident

Kubler-Ross Change Curve by SportsAble

Kubler-Ross Change Curve by SportsAble to illustrate the emotional journey through a life-changing illness or accident


It is a striking statistic when you consider that one in five people has a disability. Of these people, 83% acquired it either through a life-changing accident or illness.

Whether the disability is permanent or temporary, the initial emotional reaction to such a circumstance can be total despair. To illustrate the emotional journey someone is likely to experience after receiving the news that the way they live their life is about to dramatically change, SportsAble has adapted the Kuber-Ross change curve.

It is during these first initial stages of the journey that an individual is at their most vulnerable and could be feeling overwhelmed. This is where an environment like SportsAble can be life-saving – literally.

This may sound like a grand statement, but we don’t say it lightly, we have members who credit SportsAble with saving their lives. Stuck at home in despair they have come through the doors of SportsAble for the first time in many cases feeling totally hopeless and forlorn.

Once here, they found the fun, friendship and opportunity needed to overcome their adversity and live their lives to the full once again.

Some speak of the comfort of being somewhere where disability is the norm. A safe place to become confident with their new-found abilities, rather than feeling ashamed of their disabilities. A club where people look at what you can do, not what you can’t.  Sport plays a significant part of this journey.

There is well documented evidence about the benefits that sport and activity can have to someone’s health and wellbeing, probably none more so than a disabled person. At SportsAble we see many disabled people achieve things they never thought possible and it is life-changing to them.

SportsAble wants to give every disabled man, woman and child the opportunity to experience the life-changing benefits of sport and activity. Have a look at our current weekly activity schedule.

If you would be interested, or know someone else who might, please get in contact by emailing or call us on 01628 627690.

It could be the best decision you ever make.

Kerl Haslam