Current Project: Our New Building at Braywick

Since the charity was formed 42 years ago, SportsAble has grown from offering just three sports: table tennis, archery and swimming to a small group – to providing over 12 sports and activities to a much wider range of people of all ages and abilities.

We are committed to doing more and want to extend the range of sports and activities on offer.  To support this, the charity needs to expand and improve its facilities at Braywick, both outside – by renovating the athletics track to support wheelchair use –  and inside, by providing competition standard halls supported by specialist changing and storage facilities and by offering facilities to benefit health, wellbeing and socialisation.

Plans for our new building will contain many regional firsts such as a sports centre that houses a 50m indoor shooting range at the same time as being able to accommodate eight badminton courts in subsequent halls. We will have one of the country’s first purpose-built fully wheelchair accessible gyms – something we can’t wait to offer our members, and we will be the dual home of a wheelchair basketball squad and an English Basketball League Division 1 National Team. To add, we are working in harmony with our neighbours on Braywick Park to ensure that together we improve facilities such as the athletics track, so that local people have a plethora of national standard sporting opportunities to explore when they come to visit.

With all of this choice and space, the frequency and availability of sessions will increase. People will be able to come to SportsAble and enjoy not one sports session (as they do now) but two, three, or four in a day and enjoy the cafe, the wellness centre and the social scene in between their sport.

Proposed elevations for our new building at Braywick

Our goal in developing our own specialist and accessible facility is to offer disabled people an environment where they can engage in sport and activities equal to those offered to able-bodied people in other facilities.

“We at SportsAble believe that sport and recreation offers disabled people many opportunities and benefits – from fitness, health and wellbeing to fun and friendship as well as sporting expertise,  training and support for our Paralympians. We are limited by our current facilities and are committed to expand the range and frequency of sports on offer as well as recreational facilities to enable more disabled people, their families and friends to benefit.

We hope than many people will come and see what we hope to achieve and will support our efforts.”

John Jenkins MBE, President of SportsAble