Why Donate?

SportsAble is one of the UK’s leading charities dedicated to supporting disabled people through sport and social activity. Through sport we empower individuals to take control of their lives, helping them to become more active and able as they strive towards personal and sporting goals.

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Many have successfully reported an improved level of health, and feel their lives have been transformed from social exclusion to having a sense of belonging and purpose once again.

Yet with vital care services being taken away from those who need it the most, disabled people are more vulnerable, isolated and lost than ever before. We are here to help at this desperate time and to provide disabled people with somewhere to go to find a purpose, a goal, friends, laughter and achievements, however small. Sport can bring people together and mend lives. It unites people together in a community and in SportsAble’s case it is one that is strong and vibrant and uplifting.

The rates of disability are increasing, this is due to the population ageing, the global rise in chronic health conditions and growing conflict. A staggering 6.9 million people in the UK are disabled – 17% are born with a disability and 83% will acquire a disability through an illness or accident. Potentially any one of us could become disabled at any time. How would that change your life and where would you go?

Consider supporting SportsAble today for when you do, you will be helping people with a disability to change and improve so many parts of their lives, from building confidence, reducing loneliness, improving fitness and escaping isolation or depression. All these benefits have given hundreds of our members the chance to improve the way they live their lives and to starting learning how to take control of their futures. You could be a part of that and know that your support immediately starts making an impact on the life of a person in real need.